Photographing just for the fun of it. Wondering around the city while trying to keep eyes open is relaxation at its best. Figuring out how to capture colors of the nature or calmness/roughness of the sea does that trick too.

Film is great but so is digital. Wet printing, playing around with chemicals to get B&W or C-41 process going and the pictures get tangible.

Photons to the gelatin typically travel through Zeiss or russian glass attached to light-tight boxes called Contax, Kiev or Yashica. When the mood is “having it easy” Olympus P&Ss make a great job. When time nor the amount of work required is not counted baby-Linhof will be taken out. And sometimes the image is initially recorded as series of 0’s and 1’s into the brains of photon-sucking japanese marvels of technology.